Top 10 Dos and Don’ts in Facebook

Ah, Facebook. Right now we don’t know where we’d be or what we’d do without it. Dominating the social media world since its beginnings in the mid-2000s, Facebook has redefined the way we interact with each other—from sharing updates of our lives, posting opinions on important issues, and simply looking around at what everyone is doing.

Facebook has spawned a whole new social dimension in itself, and this is why it’s important to know the basic rules of getting around while you socialize online.

Facebook Dos and Don’ts

1. Private message versus wall post

The social media circles may be all about letting everyone know what’s going on, but there’s a time and place for everything. If you need to discuss something personal or sensitive with a friend, consider using the message feature instead of posting it on their wall for everyone to see. In fact, calling them might be a better idea.

2. Mark your words

Be careful about what you post, as you may offend people with your words, or at least, the way you phrase them. Word gets around faster online, and the worst case scenario will have you ending up as the butt of a cyber bullying crowd.

3. Answer comments

Getting a lot of comments may be nice, but it’s important to observe real-life etiquette and apply them to the social media world as well. If someone asks you a question, it’s only polite that you answer.

4. Legitimate information

Facebook is a lot more fun if you use your real name, as it allows old friends and acquaintances to reconnect with you. Give out only what is necessary, such as your first and last names, and skip on addresses or numbers. Be sure to set privacy settings carefully.

5. Scrutinize friend requests

Be wary of strangers sending you friend requests. As much as possible, limit your friends to only people you know. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, or you don’t recognize the photo, don’t bother adding them.

6. Choose your friends wisely

Don’t buy into the craze that the number of Facebook friends you have is a standard for popularity. Choose who you admit into your social circle and make sure you know them in real life before you do.

7. Tag sparingly

There’s nothing more annoying than having your wall or notifications list flooded by all these tags, especially if the photos are particularly unflattering. Tag friends only when absolutely necessary.

8. Too much is bad

This isn’t Twitter, and it’s unacceptable to be posting statuses on your page every five minutes about what your dog found in the backyard. Oversharing can be annoying, not to mention potentially dangerous.

9. Don’t vent about work

While you may have privacy settings likeFortKnox, there’s always a chance of your posts reaching people you’d rather not have to explain yourself to. Keep the work-related vents to a minimum, as these may affect a future employer’s decision to hire you.

10. Don’t abuse Facebook

Most of all, don’t use Facebook as an arena to bully or harass other people. Act like you normally would in real life and observe proper decorum. You’re there to socialize, not make enemies.

About the Author:

Amy C. is a gadget junkie who enjoys spending her time observing the dynamics of social media. When she’s not tinkering around websites like Facebook, she spends time working for DMac Industries, a b deck and steel deck fabrication company, with its office administration and blogging activities. To learn more about Amy’s take on everything techie, stay tuned for her next post.


  1. Nishadha

    I think tagging is something people should do carefully. For example in instances like Christmas they upload an image and tag people so there notifications gets overloaded. I know you can control this through settings but I think people should be more careful with what they tag.
    Nishadha recently posted..KWL chart templates onlineMy Profile

  2. Martin says:

    I have a question regarding your #5 Scrutinize friend requests: If I don’t know the person, but we have one friend in common, should I accept his request?
    Martin recently posted..Grants for CDLMy Profile

    • Clearlytoomuch

      That would be a personal choice in my humble opinion. Facebook and other social sites make recommendations for new followers and friends based on certain criteria. It would come done to how much you want to grow your own network. I have come across some who openly accept anyone without any kind of scrutiny or using any judgement. Their only criteria is to click accept. Personally, I review any suggestions or requests. The author of the post may handle it differently. Thanks for visiting Martin.

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