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If there was one tip I could give to bloggers and webmasters hoping to be successful online then it would simply be to write a lot of high quality content every single day. This is the best way to improve your ranking on Google, and even if you don’t get indexed well sheer probability will mean that you eventually have a few big hits that get shared in the right places and be indexed well by Google.

This simply requires a lot of dedication and hard work on the part of the webmaster or editor, but unfortunately that’s not quite as easily done as it is said.

The problem is, that while most webmasters know they need to post regular and high quality articles, they will tend to end up making excuses, not finding time and generally not managing to stay dedicated enough to be successful – in much the same way that people tend not to manage to write the novel they’ve always wanted to write, or to get into shape by sticking to a training program.

Only difference here is that there are plenty of articles on how to stick to writing your novel and plenty on how to work out. Where’s the motivation for the bloggers? Well, here is where…

Making Time

Railroad watch

First of all you need to pencil yourself in a time that you are going to write for your own site. Chances are that you have countless other responsibilities and duties that you perform daily and it’s these that get in the way of your article writing. However if you really want your site to be a success then you need to realize that this could potentially make you your living so that you don’t need to work again. It might feel like you’re wasting time by writing those articles, but in fact you will be making a very worthwhile investment.

So with this in mind make the mental promise to yourself that you will always write between these times. It needn’t even take more than 20 minutes, and if you don’t have time to upload it right now then that’s fine as long as you at least write it. Now don’t take excuses and recognize that here’s no good reason not to be able to spare 20 minutes. If you end up going to bed 20 minutes later, or getting up 20 minutes earlier then fine. If you miss your TV show then too bad.

Having Inspiration

Ideas never run out

Here’s another problem you may be familiar with – you spend ages doing all your other tasks and writing for everyone else, and while you do you think longingly of all the great topics you’d like to write for your own blogs. The problem is that then when you have the time to write for yourself, suddenly that inspiration is gone and you don’t know what to say.

The simple way to prevent this problem is to just keep a list of topics somewhere on your computer or in a notebook and to add to these each time you think of something good.

Make it Easy

Finally make sure you are working with yourself and not against yourself. In other words if you have to update your site each time you upload a new article and if this takes 40 minutes, then suddenly a quick job becomes a nightmare. Before you start writing regularly, commit yourself to coming up with a simple and quick system for uploading new articles.

About the Author:

Vadim Kirichenko is passionate blogger who usually shares various tips related to SEO and blogging. Apart from blogging he works as professional for known services in market of SEO toronto.


  1. Sian Phillips

    Great post Vadim. I would love to write all day and every day but the day job interferes a lot. But you have made some valid points that I must take on board. Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar.com
    Sian Phillips recently posted..Spelling Tips Made SimpleMy Profile

  2. Nishadha

    Lot of high quality content wont make you money, you are ignorant if you believe that. Regularly posting content is also not a factor when it comes to making money, that method will see you earning a little after a while but you actually limiting yourself.
    A much better approach is to do some keyword research, find profitable and low competition keywords and write content around it. Then you need to market that content and build back links if you want to rank for it. I’m not talking about creating crappy niche sites targeting long tail, but good sites for low to medium competition.
    Nishadha recently posted..Critical Path Analysis in Project ManagementMy Profile

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