Backlinks Kingdom latest Victim of De-Indexed Blog Networks

Backlinks Kingdom appears to faced the wrath of Google. They seem to be the latest victim of the Blog Networks de-indexed. According to several websites and tweets sent out pointing to an e-mail which Backlinkskingdom states close to 90% of their hosted sites are now de-indexed by Google. A small portion of the e-mail is found below:

“Dear BacklinksKingdom User,

BackLink Kingdom De-Indexed

As you may have noticed, we have temporarily closed the
submission form. The reason behind this decision is that
90% of our article sites have been de-indexed in Google.

As mentioned on the form, you shouldn’t worry about your
backlinks. They will not penalize your pages but simply not
pass on the link juice.

We are in the process of replacing the sites and optimizing
the system so this doesn’t happen again. Please give us one
more week and we will get BacklinksKingdom back on its feet.”

Backlinks kingdom runs a similar service as Social Monkee which I have typed about on this blog before. It would leave one to assume Social Monkee may be targeted by Google next as they look to clean up their search engine further.

Google is chasing down tools, processes and systems which attempt to game their system. From those who pay for back-links for their SEO efforts or very low quality article directories adding no value to user searches. Google wants to make sure automation of pushing your site up through the search engine is not a one button spun process. If your backlinking efforts is solely based around blog networks such as Backlinks Kingdom it may very well end up de-indexed. Diversify and add some value to your work!

John Calipari with Candid Interview after National Championship

During the NCAA post game news conference John Calipari held back. Some reporters caught him outside the locker room and he gave a more honest Candid look, reflection and really wanting to go 40-0 before finish coaching. Video courtesy of http://www.courier-journal.com/

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Kentucky Wildcats Win the National Championship Riots Erupt

Social Media has completely changed the way the world hears, sees, and follow current events. In 1996 and again in 1998 the Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship. The fans partied, burned couches, drank, acted fools and flipped cars over.

Bring us to April 2, 2012, the Kentucky Wildcats once again won the tournament. The fans were celebrating but this time it was different. Social Media exists. The world was able to follow along with what was going on in Lexington in real-time. The Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA National Championship but unlike the prior championship social media did not exist. With Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+ many pictures, sounds, and videos displayed the reactions of fans throughout the city. Streets in Lexington, Kentucky. Kentucky Ave was trending worldwide due to people watching a Twitter hashtag and listening to #LexingtonPoliceScanner throughout the night. Limestone and Virginia Ave were trending globally when a report came across that someone had been shot and the police were pursing a suspect.
People worldwide followed along with a website devoted to broadcasting the Lexington Police radio frequency.

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Users took advantage of Twitter’s social media platform and laughed along. At times though it became scary and very concerning with the situation in Lexington, Kentucky. Followers of the #LexingtonPoliceScanner heard first hand news of details such as:

“Pulling over car with subjects shooting fireworks out the windows…”

“Check the road for couch debris…”

“Let the street sweepers do our job” referring to the street sweepers breaking up crowds of people instead of the police.

“Burning futon is not in the roadway it’s in their driveway so they can deal with it.”

“looks like they bombed it with cooking oil. it isn’t going out”

At one time the police had logged so much evidence they “ran out of baggies” and were instructed to use envelopes.

A pair of nude men “either found their pants or they went inside.”

“It would appear that the metal traffic cabinet has several bullet holes in it.”

Twitter and other social media platforms displayed with ease all that was going on in Lexington and now more criminal acts come to light for the world to view. Police will utilize the social media outlets to track down people who acted a fool and bring criminal charges against them. In many cases these will be felony charges and bring a black eye over a night of celebration that instead resulted in riots. The AP had already reported the upwards of 30 arrest without a doubt more will follow.

Again, these same acts took place in 96 and 98 but the world couldn’t follow along the way they are connnected in 2012. Social Media has changed the entire landscape. We are constantly being watched!

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Not everyone was bad in fact take a look at this police officer displaying his goggles with fans after the Kentucky Wildcats victory.

Lexington Riots after National Championship

A YouTube video gave a view of a suspect in the process of being arrested.

What is #bbn on Twitter?

What is #bbn you may wonder. This question seems to come up often and has incoming searches to this site. I figured I would provide a definition of what is #bbn on Twitter? First, the # (in the old days was a pound symbol on a phone) but in our social media crazed world it is known as hashtag. A hashtag is used to tag keywords or channels (as they were in my IRC days) . Twitter uses the # symbol to provide a channel or category to sort tweeted messages.

Thus, a # symbol followed by a keyword in this circumstance is (bbn) giving #bbn. When you are logged into a Twitter enabled client or their website if you click #bbn you are taking to the particular channel or category.

What is #bbn?

#bbn on Twitter will most likely introduce you to a bunch of crazy University of Kentucky Wildcat fans. #bbn is the hastag used for the Big Blue Nation. Kentucky Wildcat fans will often include #bbn #weareuk as the hashtags when following the University of Kentucky sports. Due to March Madness you have most likely seen a great deal more of these type of Tweets on Twitter.#bbn Tweet this shirt The Kentucky Wildcats are in the basketball Final Four and their fans are showing their support for the #bbn on Twitter. One regular Tweeter to the #bbn has over one million followers. This is the head men’s basketball coach for the Wildcats John Calipari.

Other than Big Blue Nation other possible meanings to the acronym #bbn are Better Business Networking and Bitches by Nature. I will warn you the Kentucky Wildcat fans are really crazed about their obsession and I would advise against sending any messages to #bbn unless it is related to the Big Blue Nation.

what is #bbn? on Twitter

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Pinerly Sign up 10 Bonus Features

I have been thoroughly enjoying Pinerly, the Dashboard Management Tool created to use with Pinterest. A few minutes ago I received an e-mail from the Pinerly team! The subject line was: “We did promise you something extra.”

Many of us in recent weeks were scrambling around Tweeting our Followers, sharing on Facebook, and our blogs the URL to figure out what is Pinerly? As an added bonus we were enticed to have 10 sign ups for a extra features(yays goodies)!

I now know what my goodie bag includes thanks to the Pinerly team. I will be added as a suggested follower within the Pinerly console. I have the ability to select my category, along with a catchy Photo. That makes sense since Pinterest is all about having visuals. Desired display name and a description. I’ll have to put some thought into this before submitting. I am not very creative :( .

The Pinerly team also pitched another bonus my way. Unlimited Pinerly Campaigns! Well I know where the rest of my evening will be spent. Thanks Rick and the Pinerly team! Oh by the way, team Pinerly responded to my Tweet regarding “campain” being misspelled. It was a mistake and assured it would be fixed.

Pinerly 10 sign up bonus feature

Treat each Blog Post as a Project

Blog Posts are Projects

Are you an effective Project Manager? First, lets define the term project. A project is a short-term venture one takes on to develop unique services or products. Your blog posts are services. They could even explain products but you want to provide an audience with information, knowledge, or engage with them to make a purchase.

Blogs includes project databases

I refer to each blog post as a project because your Blog as a whole is an operation. The blog exist to provide each post, picture, link, or comment a home. Operations help you sustain your business(blog). This is where the difference lays. Blog posts (projects) reach their end once your planned objectives have been completed or until you decide to end the project (for example: trash a post). Meanwhile your Blog(operation) continues to run, hopefully years!

Projects can come in many shapes and sizes. Their time lines may also be different. It may take you one day or be implemented over years. For me, each blog post I create is a project. Here are some attributes to explain the ideology of projects a bit more:

Project Attributes

Project provides uniqueness. An example of this would be showing someone how to complete a task. The other night I created a post with pictures so someone could see how to create a Pinerly campaign. This created a service where users could visit the site and obtain the information they seek. The platform also allows feedback so we could improve on the post or material covered within. You may want to take it further and create a YouTube video to explain each picture.

Project is short-termed. The blog post had a starting point and finish line. I obtained the information for the post. Wrote the blog post, edited it, took screen shots, edited the pictures, uploaded the content to the Blog, edited it again, and finally hit publish. This portion of the project was completed. Other possibilities include sharing on social media sites, commenting on blogs, working on the on/off page SEO. The SEO aspect parts of the blog post project run longer than creating and publishing a post.

Projects require tools and resources from multiple fronts. Tools or resources for example are computer hardware/software, people, and other utilities (money). This Blog uses WordPress, is hosted on computer hardware using a VPS(affiliate) software solution. It has a Linux based operating system. Money was spent to purchase the Genesis Framework and theme. Money is spent on a domain, the virtual private server yearly fees, and other resources. I spend time complying information for the blog. This list can go on.

Projects need sponsors. You may have people interested in your blog posts but each project needs someone in a primary role of sponsorship. In many blog posts, usually this person is you unless you operate a well funded type blog such as Mashable. For example, I am solely responsible for this Blog and all the blog posts, pages, and other aspects. I provide the direction and funding needed to complete a blog post project.

All projects will face risk of the unknown. All our blog posts should be unique and just like my spring cleaning of the Blog last weekend I ran into several unknown variables. For example, the data backups became corrupted, DNS issues popped up and we had to adapt and use search engine cache sites to recover some content. In the information technology world even the great remote tech guys will face challenging issues.

Project management efficiency is a key ingredient to our blog posting projects. In order to be successful and have a sustainable Blog operation we have mold ourselves into blog posting Project Managers.