How to Choose the Right Cloud Backup Storage Vendor

When you venture outward into the world of cloud based backups, you have a lot to consider before you make a final decision. How effectively will this company store your information? Will they be able to restore your drives in short order, keeping you essentially up and running through most anything? How reliable is their internal infrastructure, and how well would it weather the problems that could impact your business? How experienced are they at handling data? How trustworthy are their employees? Each of these questions deserves some digging.


How well does the company trust its employees? As a general rule, a cloud backup storage company should have done thorough background checks and forced its employees to sign strict non-disclosure agreements. If these are available for your review, you should feel reasonably assured that this company won’t have people selling your most precious secrets to the highest bidder.


How reliable is the company you’re considering working with? If their systems are solid and their facility is carefully climate controlled, you can relatively safe in the knowledge that their computer cores are well taken care of. If they have solar and wind power backups in case of power outages, their building is isolated to protect it from issues that impact particular cities and the entire compound is surrounded with razor wire, you can be quite well assured that they are on the level and can take care of your data.


How long has this company been operational? Naturally, there is nothing wrong with being a fairly new company and having more ambition than experience. Every technology company goes through that stage, and it’s an exciting one where the greatest improvements tend to be made. However, if the company’s “inexperience” tends to make it look amateurish, you might be safest if you pass them by in favor of a company that has proven itself. It ultimately comes down to what you feel comfortable with.


How effectively will this company keep, backup and restore your data in the event that it gets wiped out by some horrible issue? How well will this company restore your data if you need to use alternative locations, such as if your office burns down and your team has to rely on wifi and their laptops? While you would be wise to hope against hope that such a nightmare scenario will never unfold, you have to be ready for such a possibility.

Ultimately, there is a lot that goes into choosing a great backup company. Your information is too precious to trust to the whims of chance. If you make a good decision, it’ll be worth every penny invested.

About the Author: Ileen Bogda is a self-employed freelancer who can’t afford to lose her personal files. She now uses services from www.zetta.net and never worryies about losing her work.

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